The Science of “The Love Frequency” 528Hz-Does the Miracle Tone Repair DNA?

The 528Hz frequency from the ancient Solfeggio scale may be the frequency in which science has studied the most of the six tone ancient scale. The reason being that the 528 hz in many different experiments has shown it has an effect on human DNA and water crystals.

When we discuss the ancient Solfeggio scale the discussion seem to be a lot about calming the brain or inducing sleep or tapping a higher consciousness. Mostly mental programming and inner self work.

By creating these vibrations in our mind along with vivid visualizations we discover a self concept of who we are and change to be the person we want to be. With time and practice the programming ultimately affects who we are and how we feel in the physical world.

We don’t talk a lot about the altering of physical properties though.

As we know all matter is vibrating and changing on a constant basis. By the law of cause and effect something is creating these vibrations. Obviously there is a frequency tied to all vibration. Science is just now starting to study this topic more and new information is being produced everyday.

It is different with the love frequency of 528Hz. There has been plenty of study on this one. This frequency seems to be able to alter water molecules and form 6 sided hexagonal shaped water clusters that are also part of our DNA makeup.

Hexagonal Water

” The term “hexagonal water” refers to a cluster of water molecules forming a hexagonal shape that supposedly enhances nutrient absorption, removes metabolic wastes, and enhances cellular communication, among other things.” WIKIPEDIA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexagonal_water#:~:text=The%20term%20%22hexagonal%20water%22%20refers,cellular%20communication%2C%20among%20other%20things.

The hexagonal water clusters seem to purify our cells, remove toxins, and create a healthier environment for our cells to flourish. The 528Hz frequency actually repairs DNA cells by creating this 6 sided crystal shape. In turn creating a stronger immune system for fighting off illness and disease.

The national library of medicine did a study that concluded the 528 hz frequency had anti oxidant effects and reduced anxiety.

528Hz is said to be the clean energy for good health and durability. Many studies have been done on this miracle frequency and they all seem to come back with positive data regarding the frequency and it’s positive effect on nature and biology.

 Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. Credits this wonderful vibration of 528hz for impacting his patients positively and powerfully and as the source of their miraculous recoveries.

NASA scientists recorded a 528Hz resonates at the heart of the Sun. They say beams from the sun and rainbows resonate at this frequency. It is also found in chlorophyll.

It is said that the vibrations made from the Miracle tone resonate and connect with all humanity along with all the things around.

The tone resonates on a spiritual and material level. 528Hz. seems to be based in the frequency of DNA creation or the creation of life.

10 Benefits of 528Hz music

  • Balance your energy
  • Repair and strengthens our DNA
  • Brings Transformation and miracles
  • Purifies water
  • Oxygen is a carrier of the 528 Hz resonating electrons.
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Prevents disease
  • Helps in balancing and tuning Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Helps with self confidence and self esteem
  • 528 Hz is said to create an increased amount of “Chi”-(life energy) more clarity in your mind, conscious awareness, awakened creativity, and exotic mind states like deep inner peace and happiness.

The Love Frequency

Dr. Leonard Horowitz has done more study on the 528 Hertz frequency then almost anyone and he claims that the tone is at the center of the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” He believes the LOVE frequency resonates throughout everything in our existence. 528Hz is also named the miracle note or miracle tone and is said to be deeply connected with the Earth and nature.

Monks, healers, priest and shaman’s all through history have used the Love Frequency for healings, for blessings and for manifestation

Did you know that John Lennon’s song “Imagine” was composed in 528Hz?

7 Ways to tune into the Miracle Tone and improve your life.

  • Plug into nature. Go to the beach or out on the boat. Go hiking or kayaking. Take a walk in the woods or go camping. Get outside and walk around with your shoes off or jump in a lake. Observe and take part of mother Earth
  • Listen to the tone itself on low volume while you sleep. Absorb the vibration. I gave you links above to the tone.
  • Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, walking and running all bring you closer to the vibration
  • Spend time with your spouse, kids, mother, father, dog, cat all the people and animals that you love and that love you. Gaining more love is the ultimate goal with this frequency so you should give love and except love as much as humanly possible. I love you because you are human and an amazing creation unique to this planet. I hope you can send love back my way through the frequencies. Try this exercise. The one person you are closest to in life. Tell that person once a day that you love them. Do this everyday for 30 days. This alone will begin your transformation to having your mind , body and soul vibrating closer and closer to the Love Frequency. 528Hz
  • Read, write, study, expand your mind, follow your passion and become an expert in the field of your passion, develop your mind in the mental world to create the reality of your life in the physical world.
  • Create goals and make plans for their accomplishments. Goals are inherently positive. By constantly writing your goals on a list and taking that list with you. You attract positive love energy 528 hz into your life and begin to eliminate negative emotions all together.
  • This one should be combined with all the activities listed above. Listen to music that has the 528 tone. I recommend my music but any music with the 528Hz resonance will do. Listen while you sleep, listen while you meditate, listen while you run. By listening you not only tune into the actual frequency itself but it reminds you to meditate on love and think about love and practice love. The music can be an anchor for the mental work you are already doing.

The Double Helix Masterpiece

I released this album ” The Double Helix Masterpiece” on July 4th 2020. It has a 528Hz tone throughout the album. It is meant to be listen to in order from start to finish. It’s 35 minutes long and is a good place to start on you journey towards the “LOVE FREQUENCY”. I take pride in my music and believe it to be unique in nature.

I created it for people like you and I and truly hope you find it enjoyable.

You can listen for free on most streaming services and you tube. Here is a smart link to access my channel on your favorite station. https://hypeddit.com/link/9w4ro2


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