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How do you program your mind?

Self responsibility

When I was young my friends and I liked to listen to heavy metal music. Bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motley Crue and other bands similar to that genre of music. I remember buying the cassette tapes of my favorite bands and playing them in our cars. We would drive around town in Annapolis, Maryland where I grew up playing them over and over again. So many songs were our favorites and when they would play on the players we would all sing along with every word. We had so much fun. One morning I woke up and Ozzy Osbourne’s Over the mountain song was playing in my head. I could here Ozzy’s voice along with Randy Rhode’s guitar clear as day in my head. Then I started thinking of all the other songs I knew and suddenly they were playing in my head. Has this ever happened to you?

How was this information so clearly imprinted on my brain ? I started to wonder about the information I was processing throughout the day and began to realize that everything that was happening to me was being stored in my subconscious mind and was actually creating the person I was at that time. I was being programmed and didn’t even know it.

I also noticed that different social groups at school generally shared a common type of music along with other similarities in their circles. I don’t think anyone else to this day were even aware of the things that were influencing us and making us the people that we were.

I started to see the similarities in my family and the habits that were common to us all. Then realizing that the environment we spend most of our time in has a significant affect on our personalities. From the words we use to the way we say them.

I noticed the people in my circle of friends had their own slang that we all used and people in my older sister and brothers circles had their own language. Then I started to notice these types of traits in my friends family’s. From their parents to their cousins, uncles, aunts and grands. There were obvious expressions of similar mental programming in their personalities. I would see it in general society how people as a whole were influenced by the news, sports or T.V. shows they watched.

It was pretty obvious to me that the information being stored and impressed on my mind was shaping, developing and influencing who I was as a person. I wanted to take control of the incoming information entering my mind and have complete and objective control over it as much as I could. I started monitoring the T.V. shows I watched, the music I listened to, the books I was reading, What my teachers were teaching, coaches were coaching and parents were instilling on me. I took notice of all the people around me.

I decided to question everything and filter out what I wanted to allow into my head or not. All the while watching the people around me in the world and wondering what programmed them to be the people they are and even more important. Were they aware of it? To this day I believe that about 90 percent or more of the human population live the majority of their lives being programmed from the outside in instead of from the inside out. Thus causing the bulk of negative emotions among people in the world today. When you allow the world to control you instead of you controlling your world you have no sense of control. When you feel out of control your entire bodily system feels out of whack and confused,

I am not a doctor or a therapist. I am just a guy who practices mental control and wants to share these thoughts with you. I started reading and studying how other people were able to be their own mental programmers and came across an audio tape of Brian Tracy’s. In this tape he explained two universal laws that when understood can completely change your life. They have definitely had a profound effect on my thinking. These 2 laws will teach you how to gain full control of your emotions and your life.

The first law is-

“The Law of Correspondence”

This law states that your thoughts in the mental world directly Correspond with your reality in the physical world and your physical reality directly Corresponds with your mental thoughts.

As within So Without.

When you take complete control of your thinking, your outer world will correspond with the thoughts of your inner construction. You will begin to see things in the material world you are seeking to construct simply by controlling the way you think. Your thoughts then will create the actions you need to take in order to create the physical reality you are working to develop. In essence you create who you are by the thoughts you allow yourself to think and by the information you allow yourself to absorb. Also by taking the actions necessary to bring your mental creations into the physical world.

Law number two-

“The law of substitution”

To me this is the secret of the ages when it comes to developing inner peace and control over your mind. It should be practiced on a CONSTANT BASIS by every human being that ever lives. If this law were taught to us as children the end result would be world peace.

When your awake your conscious mind is always thinking. Every waking second of every day, every week, every year and so forth.. Although the subconscious mind is capable of sending and receiving tens of thousands of connections every second or less. Your conscious mind is only capable of occupying one singular thought at a time.

The law of substitution states that you get to control that thought”. You can substitute any thought in your head for another thought of your choosing.

Anytime a negative thought or emotion is occupying the single thought in your head you can intentionally replace that thought with a positive one. This in turn activates the law of attraction by focusing on what you want instead of what is making you have a negative emotional connection. It is said that you should have one major goal you are working on and put it in writing.

Every time you catch yourself having a negative thought think about that one goal instead. Replace that negative thought because that negative connection creates negative emotions. Thinking about your goals is inherently positive and will began to create positive emotions while at the same time eliminating negative emotions like anger depression, fear and anxiety. You should strive diligently to eliminate negative emotions from your life. They are killers.

You should also make an effort to constantly think about the life you are developing. Your goals and aspirations. You should be thinking about the people you love and the things you are thankful for. There are many positive thoughts you can divert your attention to when negative emotions are attempting to occupy your mind. Remember the choice is yours. You control your conscious mind. The more you take control of your thoughts and feed your subconscious mind with deliberate instructions on what you are trying to accomplish. The more your subconscious mind will work to bring your dreams and aspirations out of the mental realm and into the physical world. Become your own programmer. Write the software of your mind and install it.

Tips for mental programming

Your mind works best when it is relaxed and calm. In fact the more calm you are the easier you learn. So Tip#1 is learn how to calm your mind.

Breathing exercises are a great place to start if this is new to you. Either sit or lay down someplace comfortable and focus only on your breath. Inhaling and exhaling slowly and repeatedly.

Tip # 2 use relaxation music.

Activating both hemispheres of the brain is crucial for rapid mental programming. The way to do this is to play relaxation music while you are practicing your breathing. Music gets the brain fully engaged and prepared for mental programming.

My 3rd tip actually needs to happen before the first two but I list it at number 3 because I wanted to set the mood. Tip#3 Write down your goals and plans for their accomplishments. It is impossible to program your mind if you don’t have the program to install. Mental programming is like installing software onto a hard drive. Your subconscious is the hardware and your goals are the software. Your conscious mind is the programmer. If you don’t have software to install into your subconscious, you allow the outside world to control your programming and therefore the way that you function and ultimately think. Does that make sense?

Ok, once you have the software to install your transformation begins. You are no longer a puppet of the world. You are now on a journey to be the master architect of your future and of your life. To become the master of your life you must realize that your new software will be in need of many many updates throughout your life and that being your own programmer is a lifelong commitment full of daily task in the mental and physical world. By using our minds to think, plan and plan some more we clearly begin to see the actions we need to take to materialize our plans. Our actions will then stimulate new thoughts and ideas to help us make the necessary corrections in our programming.

Tip#4 Vividly visualize for long periods of time with emotion.

Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques there is when it comes to mental programming. To be crystal clear in your expression to your subconscious mind about what it is you are seeking is the trick to rapid manifestation. Convincing the subconscious mind that the end desires accomplishment is in progress is how we rewire our self concept into becoming the person we are. The person we want to be according to our plan. You should visualize the outcome of your plan as already being successful or completed. Visualize in present tense very vividly. See every detail as you like it to be. See all the details you have planned out along the way. Overcome any obstacle in your mind before these obstacles present themselves in the physical world. This way you are prepared to plow through obstacles as they will inevitably occur. The more you plan and visualize in your head the clearer you see the path to the achievement of your goals. You should imagine with emotion. Feel the glory of accomplishment this will accelerate the process and draw you closer to the result. When you are actively engaged in the imagery and positive emotions hold on to those pictures and feelings for as long as you can. This type of enhanced visualizations are a key element to rapid mental programming.

Tip#5 Trust your intuition

Try considering that the voice inside of your head is a counselor. There to direct you in making correct decisions that align with your goals or your programming.

When you are constantly striving to program your mind in a certain direction. It’s important to keep your mind on your goals and off of things that distract you from your goals. Sometimes we get stuck and don’t know how to move forward. This is where you refer back to the framework of your goals and see where you are. A lot of times you have come as far as you can before needing to add a new skill or component to the framework. Sit down with pen and paper work out the frame work and move on. If you don’t know where to go, ask your intuition. When trained correctly it will never let you down.

By telling your subconscious mind what it is you are seeking or developing to become the more your subconscious mind will seek out and make you aware of the things that will move you forward towards your destination. Or the things that you are seeking to create in the material world.

For example. Lets say you are in the market for a new car. You are thinking a Tesla is what you are going to purchase. You read a couple ads on the car and make a decision that in a week you will go take one for a test drive. That week you all of a sudden notice every Tesla you see on the road. Several times a day you will notice another Tesla. They have always been there but until you decided to get one you never noticed them before. Why is this so? There is a part of your brain called the reticular cortex and it is designed to point out to you the things your mind is seeking. We have all experienced this in many different ways but most of us don’t understand that it is happening to us. Yes your brain will find the things that align with your plans and turn them into flashing beacons to make you aware of where they are. Your intuition is something like this. It acts like a 6th sense. It is in fact part of your sensory machine. By taking control of the incoming information to your subconscious you by default sharpen your intuition. They go hand in hand.

You should be developing your intuition in a way that aligns yourself with your immediate future plans. Your plans should have a basic framework that can be developed and changed over time.

As you are only truly alive from moment to moment it is important that you consider the right decisions in each moment automatically. We do this by programming our own minds so that our intuition is working at peak performance. Self mental programming is a skill that anyone seeking inner peace should consider developing and growing on a daily basis throughout their life. If you are up for the challenge I wish you luck on you journey of mental programming.


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